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Administration invites you to ROffline

Administration invites you to an open beta for the server testing, error detection, to create construction and balance!
all beta testers will receive a generous prize at the start! You will not regret!

Official Launch Date: May 20th, 2016 7am
Episode 13.2 - Encounter Against the Unknown
Pre-Renewal without 3rd Jobs
Max Lvl: 99/70, Max Stats: 99
Floating rates from 25х25х5х to 30х30х9х
Lots of automatic events
BattleGrounds 2.0 + @joinbg
Guild houses system (@gogl)
Restock system
Bio Laboratory 4
Kami-shi palettes pack
Level 1-98 (64 Aura pack)
PvP/MvP Ladder
Lots of automatic Events
Balanced donate items, No premium accounts
Endless Cellar
Dead Branch/bloody branch arena
and many more... come and bring your friends!
www roffline . tk

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